A Sample View of Your Cards

The corners of the cards are rounded just like the photo shows.

Personalize your own cards with your favorite font and pattern.

Available Patterns

Order now! Click on the pattern that pops out at you and follow the easy instructions.

Just so you know, these are all handmade and there is a limited number to each pattern. So if you try to order 150 sets of the same pattern, you'll get a message that says it's too many. Most of these patterns, I have enough to make about five sets on average.

Also, it takes me an hour to make each set so if you DO order that many, I'll need a few weeks to make them and a couple of days to figure out where to ship my children.

may flowers country girl pink county girl blue strawberry candycane february november april showers fresh spring flowers county garden august ellipses sweet juneseptember januaryTiddleywink Starburst104528 Blueberry BuckleBanana Cream LimeadeOrange Marmalade Bald Bob Labyrinth Delightful 104022 103948 Appletini 103837 Fresh Ponder Olive JuiceClean Innocent Remember Eternity 105054 Sunshine Cheer Beginning Laughter Berry Blossom Sunflower Secret Garden Aunt Dottie

Font Selections

Click on the fonts to open them in a new window. You can use that window while ordering.